Infrared cleaning for slides
Fig.: Basic principle of infrared cleaning

Market launch of an innovative scanning service

Rasch-Diascan · Wednesday, 1 April 2020

For over 20 years dust and scratch removal using infrared images has been by far the most efficient cleaning method for digitising photographic films. Until now, infrared cleaning was a unique feature of the typically slower line scanners. In order to achieve a higher speed in Digitisation, some scan service providers have been using camera scanners based on a modern digital camera for several years.

Rasch-Diascan has now combined the qualitative advantage of infrared cleaning with the economic advantage of a camera scanner. A reproduction lens with autofocus ensures optimized image sharpness. The innovative in-house development is a perfect addition to the automation technology previously used for feeding. For customers, this means outstanding quality at affordable prices:

Number of slides per order: 1
from 3000
New price * 0,34* 0,27* 0,23* 0,18*
Old price * 0,39* 0,32* 0,26* 0,19*

* All prices are final prices plus delivery and shipping costs in euros. According to small business regulation under German tax law (§ 19 UStG) no VAT is shown on our invoices.

Customers receive two ready-to-use image files for each scan – the results of an Auto Colour Adjustment and an Auto Contrast Adjustment. The scan frames are automatically cropped. Dust and scratches are removed using an infrared image. Raw data is provided as well.

Owner Helmut Rasch explains that the market launch has already been started and will initially be limited to 35 mm slides. In terms of price, this is particularly interesting for large collections, provided that the customer delivers his slides in a stacked form in the folding box specially offered for this purpose. Click here for the currently valid price list of the previously offered service...