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Brief instructions for the shipping and archiving box for 35 mm slides


1. The number of boxes required can be easily determined from the total length of the 35 mm slides in the stack. Each box is suited for about 4 rows of 30 cm each. As soon as you know the number of boxes, you can order them by phone or e-mail from Rasch-Diascan. You will then receive an invoice (PDF) by email for prepayment.

Faltkarton für Dias 2
Faltkarton für Dias 1

2. We send the folding boxes by parcel service in flat and collapsed form. Each box consists of a base and a slip lid. Both parts can be expanded in a few simple steps. Also make sure that you don’t sort your slides into the lid, but into the somewhat smaller box.

Faltkarton für Dias 4
Faltkarton für Dias 3

3. Simply fill the unused space in the last box with newspaper or similar suitable material. For each box you will receive three hard foam dividing strips and a rubber X-band. Together with a Digitisation order, you will also receive a slide frame with glass. Simply place this slide frame as a protective cover in the last incompletely filled row. In this way, the last slide is protected from mechanical impact or damage from the filler. We also offer the slide cardboard regardless of a Digitisation order for archiving purposes.

Faltkarton für Dias 6
Faltkarton für Dias 5

4. Finally, put the lid on the box and protect the box with the enclosed elastic X-band. Please note that the boxes are not suitable for sending slides without additional protection. We recommend packing the folding boxes (305 x 215 x 50 mm) in a standard shipping box. Such shipping boxes usually consist of stable and resistant corrugated cardboard.

Auflageblatt für Reihenfolge
Faltkarton für Dias 7

5. To specify the order of Digitisation, simply place the supplied A4 sheet with the four directional arrows over the slides sorted in the box. Then fix the sheet at the marked points with two adhesive strips on the box.